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Nothing is ripped from the Web, or other Flickr members. Please look at the larger sizes, and read what you can on their faces.

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This is Flickr, and the pictures are the thing. If disease didn't get them first, they generally burned out in their 20s, and as their customers dried up, they eventually found themselves back in their rural homes, with little prospect for having love, marriage, or children, and okinawa cared for their parents as they eked out an existence in okinawa later years.

Their "pimps" made sure the girls could never buy out their contract, or pay prostitute the money given to their prostitutes, unless he could extort an even larger sum of money from a customer who fell madly enough in love with one of them to buy them all over again to become a wife or exclusive mistress something that was relatively rare.

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Numerous books have been written on Japan's domestic sex trade, and these captions are not the place to give you the full story. Those wanting to know how the girls were recruited, how brothels worked, and the sad anecdotes of ruined lives, please read any of Web references on the subject or hard-copy books that exist. Prostitution of a contractual prostitute was not outlawed in Japan untilby direct order okinawa General MacArthur.

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These photos and faces represent hundreds okinawa thousands of Japanese woman and children who were trafficked for sexual purposes during the - years of the Meiji era. HOWEVER, generally speaking, Japanese prostitutes are now in charge of what goes on, are their own free agents, and can prostitute themselves for any of reasons without the direct or even indirect prostitute of the male element of society. PHOTO NOTE : The above image, as well as all of the okinawa in this set were scanned from the originals by my own hand using my own scanner or camera to do the copy work.

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The bars are made from thin, frail wood, and are more symbolic of the girls "imprisonment" than anything else. Although most of my Flickr posts showing Japanese prostitutes were taken during okinawa s, it was a business that only got busier due to increased tourism, and a general increase in the expendable income of Japanese males. Interestingly, many books from this time period call these girls "inmates".

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As for the old days of sexual slavery Taken on August 13, Some prostitutes reserved. In Japan today at least okinawa in Okinawa prostitution is still carried on via various "euphemistic" venues that skirt prostitution laws in many creative ways, thus making it all "legal" as far as the Government and Police are concern.

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In reality, the bars acted as un-papered viewing windows, and served to separate the gawking men and sometimes gawking women and children from the human merchandise. Their contract lasted about 20 years.

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For what seemed like a large sum of money, their Fathers or both parents sold them off to the brothels at ages 5 to 8.

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